For Damodardas, the enchanting saga of creating finest jewellery began in 1961. With a rich legacy that spans five decades, Damodardas has established itself as the most preferred jewellery retailer for the connoisseurs of Vadodara, Gujarat at large and NRI's. Our exclusive designs are hallmark of precision and purity engraved intricately in traditional and contemporary jewellery collections.

Since five decades, we at Damodardas epitomize an absolute class of art and craftsmanship in jewellery making. Our entire process, from the spark of inspiration to the delivery of the final masterpiece, comprise of creativity, technique, precision and skill to mould the perfect piece. A combination of traditional methods and state-of-the-art tools is used to create unique pieces of jewellery, each bringing a freshness of design.

Our rigorous tradition of high quality workmanship, passion and precise care to every detail guarantee our prestige and excellence. Every jewel that graces the shelves of our showroom is produced by sure-handed craftsmen and is comprised of genuine, hallmarked gold, diamond, and other precious stones balancing classicism and modern evolutions. Meticulous attention to detail and quality is a part of our each creation.

Since 1961

Gold Scheme


Damodardas Jewellers monthly investement scheme lets you invest wisely at the end of which you can purchase Gold and Diamond jewellery by monthly saving small amount regularly.

You can invest a minimum amount as low as Rs. 1000 every month for a period of 12/18 months and can purchase Jewellery made of Gold, Diamond or both under this scheme.

On successful completion of the plan by the participant regularly depositing the appropriate number of monthly installments, the participant will get additional benefit depositing on the plan option as mentioned below.

Plan Period Additional Benefit on Maturity Date

12 months Equal to 1 monthly installment amount

18 months Equal to 2 monthly installment amount

Particulars 12 Months Plan 18 Months Plan
Total Installment Paid RS 12,000/- RS 18,000/-
Additional Benefits(after maturity date) RS 1,000/- RS 2,000/-
Total Amount (after maturity date) RS 13,000/- RS 20,000/-

Note  :  Above Illustration is derived on the basis of monthly installment of RS 1000/-
            For more details on the scheme kindly visit our showroom at Alkapuri or Mandvi


At Damodardas, discorver the joy of giving with our extensive and exquisite collection of engagement rings, diamond and fashion jewellery, statement creations and gold coins. Each meticulously crafted creation of sheer finesse and captivating originality will be treasured by your loved ones for a lifetime.



Stunning collection of vibrant jewellery to dazzle your chosen ones and sparkle to their festive celebrations.



Exclusive corporate gift collection to acknowledge clients' partronage, employee performances or celebrate successful collaborations.



Express your affection and mesmerize your beloved ones with our specially crafted jewellery gift ideas from delicate bracelets to exquisit rings.


Indian civilizations across centuries have held high regards towards Gold. It is intricately weaved in the cultural fabric and beliefs. Gold purchase is considered a sacred ritual as it augurs good fortune and destiny. The Hindu calendar has auspicious days or tithis on which gold purchase is considered as most fortunate.

Below is the list of auspicious days to buy gold in 2014.

Sr. Occasions Date Day
1 Labh Pacham 16-11-2015 Monday
2 Pushyanakshatra 30-11-2015 Monday
3 Ravi Pushyamrut 27-12-2015 Sunday
4 Ravipushyamrut 24-01-2015 Sunday
5 Vasant Panchmi 12-02-2016 Friday
6 Pushyanakshatra 20-02-2016 Saturday
7 Pushyanakshatra 18-03-2016 Friday
8 Gudi Padva 08-04-2016 Friday
9 Guru Pushyanakshatra 14-04-2016 Thursday
10 Ramnavmi 15-04-2016 Friday
11 Akshay Trutiya 09-05-2016 Monday
12 Pushyanakshatra 12-05-2015 Thursday
13 Pushyanakshatra 08-06-2016 Wednesday
14 Guru Pushyanakshatra 09-06-2016 Thursday
15 Mangal Pushyamrut 02-08-2016 Tuesday
16 Pushyanakshatra 29-08-2016 Monday
17 Mangal Pushyamrut 30-08-2016 Tuesday
18 Ravi Pushyamrut 25-09-2016 Sunday
19 Pushyanakshatra 26-09-2015 Monday
20 Mangal Pushyamrut 11-10-2016 Tuesday
21 Ravipushyamrut 23-10-2016 Sunday
22 Dhanteras 28-10-2016 Friday
23 Diwali 30-10-2016 Sunday

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